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Interiea Smart Lighting For Home

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Are you find it annoying to change your Inadequate fluorescent bulbs thrice in one year? Traditional bulbs commonly used in developing countries like India, Bangladesh, and Africa will soon be going to change. They will replace by the smart lighting solutions. Yes, you hear it right. We already know about them through TV ads and newspapers articles. But now businesses started to think seriously about the benefits it offers and the potential it will bring to their economies.

In 2017, Smart lighting market was around $57 Billion which will be expected to grow $102 Billion at the end of 2023. That is almost double in a short span of 5 years. Noticeably, this smart lighting industry will bring more eyeballs with an innovative approach to people’s lifestyle.

It does not bound to house, but also have a strong possibility to influence other industries too like hotels, corporates, and manufacturing.

What is Smart lighting?

Smart lighting is following the modern design philosophy as it gives a wider range of light effects and color-combinations. But also accessible through remote locations because it connects to the internet and uses mesh technology. It is the first and foremost step towards home automation.

For home decor purpose, it is also a crucial aspect. It allows you to switch your room appearance according to your mood. Some are also able to sync with music played through smart home hubs & speakers. But people get confused while choosing their best fit. And here we are going to help you.

At Interiea, a go-to marketplace for home decor & construction where we are assisting homeowners in building, restoring or renovating their apartments with modern-day designs and appliances. We partner with 500+ International and Domestic brands to offer you the best fits beneath every budget. We have a wide variety of lighting products featuring India’s top 5 brands at our E-commerce platform Interiea,

All smart lighting solutions offered under these mentioned brands are compatible with Android & IOS platforms. They also have third-party access. You also connect them with our smart home solutions listed below:

  • Hue Bridge
  • Amazon Echo ( All-generations)
  • Apple HomePod
  • Google Home Hub
  • SmartDisplay ( by Lenovo & ChromeCast)

In the future, you will have several other third-party integrations to choose from. You can also visit our marketplace to check out your best smart lighting solutions.

If you are using this solution in your living or office space, it will offer myriad advantages to properties, easy-to-use, and app-enabled functions within only a few clicks. However, some exceptional benefits of using them are :

Benefits of using smart lighting for home:

1) Premium essence resembles your lifestyle:

Yes, you hear it right. Standard light is limited in functionality. Unfortunately, you can’t manage it with your voice or through your phone. Even it is not customizable with your room’s environment. That why it costs less. On the other side, Smart lights have a premium quality, designed with the prospect of limitless functionalities and convenient. You can access these lights single or in groups. Their color-temperature-tunability is always considering as a WOW factor for your guests, drawing your better lifestyle. You should consider these smart features before buying:

  • Colour cycles
  • Music visualization
  • Day & Dusk mode

2) Improve Energy Efficiency:

Generally, lights with higher lumen output {measured in lumens per watt (lm/W)} have more efficiency. In the household, highly efficient lighting will save a significant amount of money because the latest generation of smart lighting LEDs has lumen output nearly 150lm/W which is 2.5% high than fluorescent lamps. This only fact is enough to encourage you to buy one. And the best part of owning one smart LED’s is, it never hurts your pocket.

3) Easy to setup & use:

Rather than efficiency, it is also easy to set up because of the identical connectors use while fitting current wires. Smart LEDs are using mesh technology, connect to local-networks or Wifi or even with Bluetooth. You can control it through your phone with or without the Internet. To make this process more secure, their android apps are encrypted. Overall, a smart lighting solution is a reliable and convenient choice to invest while building or renovating your dream home.

4) Play with more Setting Options

Set up your lighting according to your room’s environment is easier with Smart LEDs. Their supported app which you have to install on your phone. These apps are freely available on the Google Play store. The current generation of smart lighting allows you to dim your room light making things a little more soothing as you fall asleep. These kinds of colour ambiance are very rare to find in traditional fluorescent lights. They have a wide variety of whites, but you should look for these:

  • Slightly bluish
  • Calming illumination
  • Warm glow

5) Voice Controlled Smart LEDs

Smart LEDs variant with Wifi access can easily be controlled by voice assistants. And also gives you the advantage of access from a remote location. All you need is their support apps to manage. You can also schedule to wake you up in mornings using the app. No need to worry about placing an alarm about your morning exercise or yoga classes. Much you can do, just by giving a command to your voice assistant or speaker to do while managing your smart LEDs. List of supported Voice assistants are,

  • Google Assistant
  • Alexa
  • Siri
  • Bixby

Through all these depth insights, one thing is clear that smart lighting is gaining popularity among the consumer markets exponentially because of the increase in the use of smart home devices. Their limitless functionalities also help them to do it perfectly. Third-party apps support, try to make this technology more promising for consumers. Especially for Why you are laying behind? Visit our marketplace Interiea to buy one for your beautiful home.

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